Getting ready for viewings on a budget

15 Mar 2019

You’ve been chatting to another swapper for a while, you both like the sound of each other’s homes on paper and the pictures look good… time for that all-important viewing! But how to prepare?

We’ve heard so many times of swappers going to view another person’s home and when they get there, the home isn’t quite what they thought. It’s so important when viewing a property to be able to imagine yourself living in it, so we’ve put together some tips for making sure you can show your home in its best light and help the other swapper feel at home. All while on a budget! 

1. Try to declutter

A house packed with stuff simply looks smaller, which might make it harder for other swappers to see themselves living there. After all, everyone wants more space! If you have any cupboards, try to organise some of the things you have lying around and store them here.

Moving house is a great opportunity to shed some of the things you no longer use, so when you’re going through this process, have a think about some of the things you can give away. You can pass these on to family or friends, or donate them to a charity shop if they’re still in good condition.

2. Get every surface shiny-clean

Deep cleaning your home is one of the easiest and best ways of making your home look appealing to others! The difference that a good clean can make to the feel of your home can’t be said enough; sparkling windows, shiny floors, a spotless kitchen will show off your home in the best possible light to anyone viewing it.

3. Give your spare room some purpose

If you’re looking to downsize and so currently have a spare room, it’s easy to use this as the ‘junk’ room, where everything and anything is stored. Help the other swapper imagine this as a room they could potentially use as another bedroom by giving it some order. We’re not suggesting you go out and buy a bed! But by showing them that it’s a functioning room, you’ll help them to see what it could be for them.

4. Consider small but mighty upgrades

A few ‘finishing touches’ can go a long way to making a house feel like a home. Things like putting lampshades on ceiling bulbs, putting pictures out, getting some plants for the rooms and putting some throws on the sofas can have a big impact, while also being really budget-friendly. These will all make your home look cleaner, fresher and more appealing.

Walk through your home and make a list of small upgrades to consider. Then see what might be reasonable to do before the viewing. Remember, you can take these with you when you move, so you’re already investing in your future home. These things are just to give an idea of how homely your place is.

5. Give the outside a facelift

It’s not just what’s inside a home that counts! If you have a front garden, give potential swappers a good first impression of your home with a neat lawn that’s been freshly cut and tidy away any plants that may have died.

If you live in a flat, you can also help first impressions with something as simple as a new doormat outside your door. Swappers will feel much more welcome and able to imagine living in a property when they’re faced with a neat and tidy entrance.

And there you have it – our top 5 tips for preparing your house for a viewing on a budget. Good luck for your next viewing – we hope it’s the one!