Best time of the year to do home improvements

7 Jun 2019

It’s always a good idea to spruce up your home every so often, whether it’s for yourself or for potential viewings. Little changes can make a big difference and they don’t all have to be DIY projects; some of them can be little fixes that will breathe new life into your home.

Here we’re listing out how you can give your home a lift all year round…


It’s called spring cleaning for a reason! Over the winter is when we all spend the most amount of time in the home. This means more dust, more dirt and potentially, more pet hair – so give your home a good scrub!

Why not give the windows a clean? Let that sun shine through! If you are able to do both the outside and the inside, you’ll see a surprising amount of light coming in.

It’s recommended that you repot your houseplants in March. Just before the beginning of the growing season is the best time to give your green friends a bigger home. Having plants in the home improves your air quality and can really make a room look well-loved.

If you fancy growing herbs indoors or outdoors, May is a great time of year to buy seeds or small plants and get them started.


Could your front door do with a paint? Or maybe you have a balcony that needs a good scrub? Any outdoors work is best to do in the Summer. If the job is going to need time to dry, the heat will dry it quicker.

Any work that needs to be done to your heating systems and insulation is best done during the Summer, as this is when you’re less likely to have need of the heating. There’ll also be more technicians available, rather than in the pre-Christmas rush, so if you’ve noticed over winter that the boiler has been acting up try and get a technician to take a look at it in July or August.


Just before going into Autumn and Winter is a great time to bleed your radiators. This is much easier than it sounds and you can do it yourself! Have a look at this video here, which takes you through the process step-by-step. Doing this will help you get the most out your heating in the colder months.

Early on in Autumn, in September can be a great time to repaint rooms. It should take around one weekend to finish a big room. Colder air will help the paint to cure (reach maximum hardness), which takes about seven days after the second coat goes on.


As it gets colder it’s time to focus on those little jobs that have been bothering you in the house. Oil the door hinges and banish that squeak! Replace the broken handles on the cabinet and give it a new look. Pick up some cable ties and tidy the wire octopus that lives behind the telly.

At the end of Winter is the best time for carpet cleaning. After a Winter of muddy shoes and wet coats coming in it’s better to clean the carpets before the stains hold fast. 

There you have it - our guide to planning in home improvements all year round. We hope you’ve found something in here that you can work with to make your home look it’s best all year round!