Writing a great advert description for your home

1 Oct 2018

Your advert is the first impression a potential swapper will have of your home, so it’s important that you make it great!

The property description in the ‘additional information from tenant’ section on your advert is where you’ll have the chance to explain why somebody would want to swap tenancies with you.

Key features

Before you get started, have a think about the different features your property offers. Build a list of the most important things to know about your property in a bullet point format; this includes things like how many rooms there are, what kind of storage spaces you have, what kind of condition the home is in and useful things to know.

We’ve listed some helpful examples below to get you thinking:

1. What kind of property is it; mid-century flat, new build house, Victorian terrace?
2. How many bathrooms do you have? Are any of them en suite?
3. Do the bedrooms have built-in storage?
4. How recently was it decorated? When was the kitchen refitted?
5. What repairs and upkeep are the landlord’s responsibility and what are yours?
6. What is the parking situation; do you have an off-road space or do residents need a permit?
7. The approximate cost of bills per month.
8. How many stairs does the property have? What floor is it on? Would it be suitable for a wheelchair user or a parent with a buggy?
9. Is your housing association or landlord pet-friendly?
10. What outside space do you have available; garden, balcony, shared garden or walkway?
11. What cooking facilities are there; gas or electric oven?
12. Does the property have double-glazing?

Be personal

Now that you’ve got your list together, you can get writing. You should describe the things that you love about your home and what is attractive about your neighbourhood.

It is also important to be clear about what isn’t perfect about your property. For example: ‘the large windows let in a lot of natural light but it can be cold in the winter’ or ‘the neighbouring road has heavy traffic.’ It’s always better to be honest up front and avoid disappointment later.

However, remember this, swappers: always start with the positive!

For example:
• The open plan living area means you can socialise when you’re cooking
• There is a power shower and large bath
• Tiling in the entrance way and kitchen are easy to clean
• This is a friendly neighbourhood; ‘Chestnut Park’ has a playground, skate-park and a café that holds mother and baby sessions once a week
• There is a huge 24-hour supermarket 10 minutes bus ride away, there is also a local store selling essentials around the corner
• The neighbourhood is friendly, most people will stop and have a chat

Most importantly, think about what you like to read the most when you are hunting for a swap. Include those and you are sure to write a good description!