How to use the HomeSwapper MultiSwap tool

31 Jul 2018

The second in our series on how to use our HomeSwapper website, looks at how to create a MultiSwap. We have put together a step-by-step guide to help you form a chain of swappers:

First things first… what is a MultiSwap?

A MultiSwap is a swap involving more than two homes, where a swapper moves into the home of a person who is moving into the home of another person, and so on. This means that although a swapper might not want to move into your home, there may be a property out there that they do want to live in, and whose current tenants want to move to your home. So everyone gets the home they want!

A MultiSwap could look like this:

Got it… now how do I create one?

There are two types of MultiSwap on HomeSwapper:

1. A MultiSwap chain: a pre-made chain for you to view, created by the HomeSwapper system. You can view up to 9 MultiSwaps in this with a maximum of 5 properties in each chain. All properties are randomly selected based on 'best matches' for each tenants' saved search criteria.

To create this type of chain on a desktop computer go to your Matches tab at the top of the page and click on Find a match, as shown in the image with the arrow below:


On the Find a match page, go into the MultiSwaps tab, fill out the details for where you want to search for a home and click on Search:

To do this on a mobile, click into the search icon and in the box at the top, select ‘MultiSwap’ from the options below and then hit Search.

HomeSwapper will now do all the work for you to find possible MultiSwaps matching your criteria and we’ll message you when we’re done searching. You can click on the link in the message, which will show the possible homes you could move into. Take a look through these adverts and once you’ve found the one for you, simply click on the Create MultiSwap button and we’ll show you a possible MultiSwap chain:


2. Build your own MultiSwap chain: the second option for creating a MultiSwap chain. This is done manually by yourself or other swappers and has a maximum of 3 properties. The chain is constructed as a triangle, so that the tenants in home 1 move to home 2, then the tenants in home 2 move to home 3, and the tenants in home 3 move to home 1 like this:

You can start a chain like this when browsing through other swappers’ adverts. If a user has said that they would be interested in a MultiSwap then a Create new MultiSwap button will appear within their advert, which you can click on:


Give your MultiSwap a name in the pop-up box that will appear and click Save this MultiSwap – your MultiSwap has now been created! Once you’ve named your MultiSwap you can either click on Go to swap, which will allow you to manage your swap, or Back to search, which will let you carry on looking for other possible swaps.

On a mobile, once you click on the Create new MultiSwap button, HomeSwapper will ask you whether you would like us to Complete the chain or if you would like to Build MultiSwap myself. If you want to build your own chain, then simply click on that button and you will be taken through to the screen that allows you to name your MultiSwap and create it.


I’ve created my own MultiSwap chain… what’s next?

To view your MultiSwap chain, simply go to the Dashboard and click on the Your MultiSwaps tab in the side menu, as shown in the image below. Or you can also go through the My swaps tab at the top of the screen and click on My MultiSwaps:


If you’re the MultiSwap builder this will now take you through to a page where you can view your MultiSwap chains. You can click on the View MultiSwap button to access the MultiSwap Builder tool or Delete this MultiSwap button to remove one that you no longer want:


If you are involved in a chain, but not building it, you can also view the chain details on this page, but you won’t have the option to delete a chain.

In the MultiSwap Builder tool, you’ll be able to see the progress of your MultiSwap. At the top of the screen HomeSwapper will tell you what the next steps are, as shown with the arrow in the image below:


The MultiSwap builder's home will always be the first home shown in the chain. There is a percentage shown at the top of each advert to show how well they fit into the chain and if you click on that, you’ll be able to see a breakdown of this percentage in terms of rent, location, type of home and number of bedrooms.

If you’re using this on a mobile, then the status of each link in the chain will be shown above the advert, e.g. ‘Declined’, or ‘Agreed to move’. If you click into any of the homes in the chain, then you’ll be able to view more details about that home, just like when you’re looking at it on a desktop screen.

If you’re the MultiSwap builder then you can remove homes at any time by clicking on the cross in the top corner of an advert:


If you’re using a mobile, the Remove button will appear on the home advert once you’ve clicked into it to view further details, as described above.

If you’re building the chain yourself and are missing a home in your MultiSwap chain, as in the image below, then you can look for new homes to add into your chain by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the Find homes button.


If the option to ‘add another link’ is grey, as indicated by the arrow in the image above, it’s because you’ll need to do something first, so check in the ‘next steps’ bar at the top of the screen.

The ‘add another link’ button will then activate once the action has been completed, and you’ll be able to find the final link in your chain. Simply click on the Find homes button and you’ll go through to the Simple Search page: 


If you’d like us to find a home for you, then try clicking on the Suggested matches for this swap tab at the bottom of the page, as shown in the image below and we’ll bring up some suggestions that you can choose from. If you’re on a mobile, then this will appear as a Suggested homes tab once you click on the Find homes button in the ‘add another link’ box.



Then simply click and drag and drop the home you want to include into the ‘add another link’ box in your MultiSwap chain.

If you can’t find any homes to include using these options, don’t worry! You can also add any home that you see when browsing into your MultiSwap chain at any time, by clicking on the Add to existing MultiSwap button on their advert, shown with an arrow below: 


This will appear in the Homes you added for this swap tab at the bottom of your MultiSwap Builder screen, as shown in the image below and you can then drag it up into the ‘add another link’ box in your MultiSwap chain. If you’re on a mobile then this will appear as an Added homes tab once you click on the Find homes button in the ‘add another link’ box.

If you’re the MultiSwap builder, there is also a notepad at the bottom of the page, that you can use to keep track of things in the chain, such as homes you’ve looked at, homes that have left the chain, or anything else you’d like to remember:

Don’t worry, these notes are for your eyes only and won’t be visible to anyone else in the chain!


I’ve chosen the homes I think will work… how do I invite them to join?

When you place homes into your MultiSwap chain, you’ll be prompted in the ‘next steps’ bar at the top to get in touch with the user and invite them into your chain. Simply click on the Contact now button to send them a message: 


We’ve created a message for you, which explains to the other swapper how it all works, or if you want to write a personal message to the other swapper then you can go ahead and edit what we’ve written in the box.

If you receive a request like this from a swapper who is building their own MultiSwap, then it will show up in your Messages tab at the side of your Dashboard:


Please note that you might also receive messages automatically generated by the HomeSwapper system.

There’ll be a Go to MultiSwap button at the bottom of the message, which you can click on to view the chain and decide on whether you’d like to be a part of it. If you’re the second person in this chain, that would mean that you allow the MultiSwap builder to try to find you a new home, which would be the third link in the chain. Remember, you’re not committing to anything at this point – you’re just saying that you would be happy for the MultiSwap builder to try to find you a home!

If you agree, your home will be added to the list as shown in the image below:

So I now have the beginnings of a chain… how can we communicate?

Look out for the Group Chat tab at the side of the MultiSwap builder screen, where all the people in the MultiSwap chain can talk to each other in one place:


If you’re using a mobile, the Group chat button can be found at the bottom of your MultiSwap screen.

When one person in the chain writes a message, the other swappers will get a notification, so that they are able to reply quickly.

The MultiSwap builder can’t leave the group chat, but the other members in the chain can leave or join at any time. In the Group chat window, look out for the refresh button at the top, to make sure that you’re viewing all current messages:


And that’s it! Your step-by-step guide on how to build and be part of MultiSwap chains with HomeSwapper.

Good luck with your MultiSwap search!