How to register as a HomeSwapper user

23 Jul 2018

Over the next few weeks we will be writing a series to guide all swappers on how to use our HomeSwapper website. Step number one is registering for HomeSwapper. While this may seem like a simple step there are some common mistakes that we can help you avoid. Read on for our step-by-step guide:

1. First things first, you’ll need to put your first name, last name and email address into the form, and create a password for your HomeSwapper account.

2. Once you’ve filled this in, you’ll be asked for a few more details, including your date of birth, gender – if you want to say – and how keen you are about swapping (marked with an arrow below).


Have a think about this – are you using HomeSwapper just to browse homes, or are you going to be a dedicated user? To avoid upsetting other users, it’s really important to let people know upfront whether you’re serious or not about swapping.

3. In the image above you’ll see an option to show if you’re interested in Multiswaps. This is to let people who are building manual multiswaps know that you’re happy to be included. Please note that if you don’t tick the box, you might still be offered multiswap options that are automatically generated by the system.

If you know for sure that you would be interested in building or joining a manual Multiswap chain then go ahead and tick this box. But don’t worry if you’re undecided now – you can always go back and register your interest in this in the future. To find out how, take a look at our recent blog post here.

4. You can now choose your display name, which is how other swappers will see you on HomeSwapper. Make sure you put a nice photo up, so swappers know who you are! You can do this by clicking where the arrow shows in the image below:



5. Next it’s time to show how many people you’ll be living with in your new home. This is shared with your landlord so they can help you find swaps with the number of bedrooms allowed. And remember – don’t forget to include yourself in the people count for your home! On the next page you’ll be asked for the date of birth of any single people in your household, so make sure you have this to hand.

6. Once you’ve gone through the steps above, it’s time to think about the home you want. Firstly you’ll need to put in the location you want to live in, as well as how far out of that specific area you’re happy to look. Remember that the greater your search area, the more chance you’ll have of finding a swap. You can add as many locations as you like here, or if you’re happy to live anywhere within the UK, you can simply tick this box underneath the location-finder.

7. Once you’re happy with your locations, you can choose the type of home you’re looking for, the minimum and maximum bedrooms you’ll need in your new home, and finally the amount of rent you’re happy to pay. Be careful here that you choose the correct amount for either the week or the month as shown with the arrow in the image below:

8. The final section in The home I want is about the features you need. You should only choose the elements in this list that you need as choosing more than necessary will really limit the amount of matches you make.

9. Now it’s time to fill out the information about the home you’ve got. You should put your address in using either the postcode finder, or type it in manually. Once this is done, two drop-down menus will appear underneath. Start typing the name of your landlord in the box – making sure you have the right spelling – and you will be given options for their name, as shown in the image below.



If your landlord is partnered with us then the service will be completely free of charge. After you’ve completed this, simply fill out the type of tenancy and you’ll be taken to the next step.

10. Now follow the same steps as in The home I want section, but for the home you currently have. Make sure you tell swappers about your home in the Features section, by adding a bit of extra detail at the bottom of the page – this can really bring your advert to life! Finally, add some lovely pictures of your home. If you want a little advice on how to show your home off at its best, you can take a look at our recent blog post here.