Why downsizing might work for you

13 Jul 2018

Every day on HomeSwapper we see users looking to swap for a property with a little more space, usually to accommodate a growing family. This means that there are always plenty of smaller properties available for swapping into. If downsizing isn’t something you’ve considered before, now might be the time to have a think about just how much space you really need - it could be just the thing to help you find that all-important swap. Below we have listed just some of the reasons to downsize your property…

Is that extra room costing you more than you thought?

The decision to downsize your home could come about for a variety of reasons - the first and most obvious reason being that your home is larger than you need. Whilst a little extra space is always handy, with a spare bedroom in your house you may be eligible to pay bedroom tax, which could see you losing up to 25% of your housing benefit! If you haven’t considered this before, it might be a good idea now to weigh up the positives and negatives around that extra space you have.

How much rent could you save?

Downsizing will also often mean paying less rent. Of course, this is dependent on the area that you wish to move to, but if you feel that you don’t quite need all the space you have then why not look into your options and take that opportunity to save a little.

Is there money to be saved on bills?

In addition to saving on rent, household bills will also most likely drop when you downsize your property. Without that extra room or two to heat and light, you could find yourself in a more comfortable position and able to spend that money on the things you really want.

Less cleaning? Yes please!

Naturally, with less space comes less cleaning. Downsizing your home means that you could really cut back on the time you spend maintaining that space, freeing you up to do more of the things you love.

Who else needs that space?

Other families may be in real need of a home like yours. If you have a spare bedroom that you don’t absolutely need, then think of families who might. There are many in overcrowded homes who badly need more space but are unable to move, simply because there just aren’t any larger homes available. If you don’t need all the space you have, there will most likely be a family who do.

We understand that it can be daunting to leave a home that you’ve lived in for a long time and that choosing to downsize to a new home is a big decision. But if you do decide to downsize, then there are many landlords who will support you to make the change – and many swappers out there on HomeSwapper eager to move into a home like yours!