How to use the HomeSwapper messaging function

31 Aug 2018

Many swappers use the HomeSwapper messaging function every day to interact with other swappers. For those that aren’t as familiar with messaging through HomeSwapper, we’ll be taking you through how to use the messaging function in a simple step-by-step guide.


First things first... how to access your messages.

Once you’ve logged in to your HomeSwapper account, on your Dashboard you’ll see a Messages button in the left-hand menu and also in the menu bar at the top of the page:



Follow either button through to your inbox. On the left you’ll be able to see who you have messages waiting from and once you click on the message, the content will appear in the right section of the screen:



You’ll be able to see all messages that you have sent the other user by clicking on load earlier messages in the right-hand section, so you can look through the entire conversation.


How do I found a particular swapper?

If you’d like to check messages from a particular user you’ve been in touch with, you can search for them directly in the search box in the Messages section on the left:



Just make sure you check the spelling of their username before searching!

In the Messages section on the left you’ll be able to see how long ago the user was last online and if they’re online right now, a green dot will appear next to their name.


Can I message a swapper from their profile?

If you like the look of someone’s home, then get chatting! To start a conversation with someone once you’re on their advert, simply click on the Message tenant button to the right of their advert, as shown in the image below:



Once you’ve clicked here, you’ll be taken straight to your inbox, where you’ll be able to start writing them a message, letting them know that you’d like to talk about a swap.


What should I say?

If you’re not sure of exactly what to write then HomeSwapper has created some suggestions to get the conversation started. Simply click on the See message suggestions option underneath the message box and suggestions will appear:



Once you have chosen the one you think is best, click on Use and this will appear in the message box. You can then edit the message if you’d like to. As you can see in the image above, the suggested messages are varied. You can show interest in someone’s advert, ask someone to send photos of their home, and also let someone down if you’re not interested in their property. So, there’s really no reason not to reply to other users!

If you are not interested in proposals or have found other matches that better suit you, explain this so that people aren’t wasting their time waiting for you. One of the biggest complaints we have from swappers is of ‘timewasters’, or people who don’t reply.

Once you start a conversation with other swappers, you’ll see that just as with messaging on a smart phone, your messages will appear on the right and the other swapper’s message will show on the left. We will also let you know once your message has been seen by the other user:



How do I send pictures?

If someone has asked you to send them a photo then you can do this very simply here as well. Underneath the message box is also the option to Send a photo. Click on this to bring up a box where you can look through the photos on your computer and choose which one to upload and send to the other swapper.



Can I see more about their home?

Yes, if you receive a message from another user about swapping, then you can very easily go straight through from your inbox to view their advert and see if you’re interested in their home as well. To do this, just click on the View profile button when you’re in their message, which is at the top of the messaging section. This will open up a quick view window that gives the basic details about their home, main photo and the badges they have. You can see the advert in full by clicking on View full details under the advert details.



How do I delete messages?

At the top of the messaging section you can also delete the whole conversation if it has come to a natural end. This is shown in the image below:



If you’d like to delete individual messages from a user then you can do this by clicking on the dustbin icon next to the message itself:



Unfortunately, sometimes users aren’t always as kind to other swappers as we would like. If this is the case and you would like to stop receiving messages from another user, then you can also block them using the Block user button, next to the View profile button. The other user won’t be notified that you have blocked them, but they will no longer be able to message you. We would caution that this should only be used in circumstances that you do not feel can be resolved through messaging. And remember – always be polite yourself!

And there’s your simple guide to using the HomeSwapper messaging function to its best.


Happy chatting swappers!