What is a Mutual Exchange?

23 Nov 2017

A mutual exchange is a home swap between two social housing tenants. The people already in the property may want to move for a range of reasons, such as the current home is too small or even too large for them, they may also want to move to a new area to be closer to family, or just want change of scenery.

A mutual exchange is an alternative option for tenants who don't have a high enough priority or banding to be able to access a home through the normal allocation process.

Do you have to swap locally?

Tenants can swap homes with any other council tenant or Housing Association tenant that lives anywhere in the UK. The tenant will have to have the right to mutual exchange and both parties must agree to swap.

If the two tenants are eligible to swap, and live in the same street or even at different ends of the country, then they can progress the mutual exchange (swap). If you do want to swap, then you are not restricted to your current landlord, in fact all social housing landlords must allow mutual exchanges.

Can home swaps involve more than one property?

If you find a match and agree a home swap then you can swap with one tenant or you can try and find a MultiSwap house exchange.

With HomeSwapper, you have access to more than 10 million matches, allowing a chain of swaps if the person living in the home you want does not want to swap directly with you. HomeSwapper supports MultiSwap chains for up to five homes. A MultiSwap can be a great way of getting into the property you want. You can learn more about Multi Swaps via the HomeSwapper help page.

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